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1. Is a trial required prior to my wedding?

a. No, it is not required, but it is recommended. We want to make sure you love the style, that everything looks good in photos and it helps ensure a smooth and quick process on the day of the wedding.


2. Do I need to have photos of the wedding look I want?

a. Inspiration is always encouraged but if not, no worries! We will tailor your look to YOU and the overall style of your wedding.


3. Am I allowed to bring support with me to the trial?

a. Yes, but please keep it to 1-2 guests as our space is limited in our studio.


4. How long does each service take per person?

a. On average, 45 minutes per person for hair or makeup.


5. What should I do to prepare my hair and skin for the bridal hair and makeup trial?

a. Hair Prep: Please come with your hair clean and dry (preferably washed the night before). Also feel free to bring any hair accessories (veil, hair clips, etc) that you will be wearing on the wedding day.

b. Makeup Prep: Hydrate! Moisturize and follow your normal skin care routine leading up to the trial.  Please come to the trial with a clean, makeup free face and we will take care of the rest!


6. What is needed to book the wedding day? 

a. Please fill out our contact form on our contact page and we will contact you directly to explain our booking process.


7. Is there a travel fee for our services?

a. There is a $.55/per mile roundtrip travel fee per stylist to any area outside of the Baltimore County/Baltimore City area.


8. Does the team do touchups on the wedding day?

a. Once our bridal hair and makeup team is finished with all services on the wedding day, we will touch up all services prior to finishing and leaving for the day.  Once all touchups are completed the team will at that point be finished for the day and will leave.  If you are interested in all day services or additional services after that point we are available at $150/hour per stylist.  That can be added to the contract upon request.

9. How many stylists come on the wedding day?

a. We guarantee one hair stylist and one makeup artist per wedding. Additional stylists/makeup artists can be added depending on the date/availability/party size.





Frequently Asked Questions

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